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  2.5 Facts about Internationalization Testing

Internationalization includes externalizing the UI so that the software can be translated. However, externalizing the UI is only one of the jobs of Internationalization. In addition to that, in internationalization, one has to deal with making the system to work with data represented in different forms across the world.

In order to deal with this, unicode can be used primarily as a character encoding scheme. However any software product that supports unicode can not be claimed as internationalized since unicode encodes just character information. So, in addition to unicode, internationalization deals with various other aspects which unicode does not cover like language information; locale information; font information and other locale specific considerations.

Internationalization can not be added at the time of release. International requirements must be considered at design and architecture phase of the product. This is true even when working with new release. This helps avoid pitfalls of redesigning and rewriting the software at the later stages, adding to massive costs. In addition, Internationalization shall be implemented by the very developers concurrently who are involved in building the base product. If internationalization is considered as a separate activity after the base code then it would be a costly affair. Also, if internationalization is considered as a responsibility of another engineering group, then that independent developer need to go through a piece of code more than once to find out what/how something needs to be internationalized. So it would be difficult and time consuming to understand someone else’s code and make changes.


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