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1.10. Other Important Aspects of Software Testing

Software Testing does not guarantee bug-free product however ensure product works with negligible risks; find defects in product; demonstrate the lack of quality; demonstrate difference between specifications and developed system; establish confidence in the product; and offer advise on product quality and risks
Also, use of statistics in Software Testing would help to design test cases based on user inputs about his requirements from software. It depends on: random sampling; theory of probability; inference from drawn samples; and use of dynamic, complexity, reliability modeling concepts

Also, investment in Software Testing is quite justifiable. Software Testing maximizes an Organization’s ROI by reducing rework and also, increased business from satisfied customers. We can appreciate many benefits by investing in software testing.

Well tested software Increases confidence of users, clients and management in using that product. Users perceive value add and ease in their routine works; clients perceive value for money for their investment; and management sees increased performance because of operational automation.
Well tested software has negligible or no defects. This would result in reduced field errors. Thus software will be operational with no customer complaints. This would result in decrease in support staff for maintenance.

Matured test practices ensure testing to commence from earlier stages of software development life cycle. When this is in place, errors will be detected and reported so that development team members can take appropriate measures to fix them. By doing so possible cascading of errors to the later phases of software development are being curbed. Studies have indicated that if testing commences right from requirements specification phase, we can reduce rework time during system testing by 200 fold. Thus testing from earlier phases will result in decrease in rework time by filtering error right from the phase of their origin.

However Software Testing does not generalize system behavior; does not guarantee bug free product; no substitute for good programming; and can not prevent bugs. Good programming shall take care of these aspects.

Thus Software Testing is used in combination with good programming, you can deliver software that is of high quality, reliability and has a very low defect rate.
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