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1.9. Software Testing Myths

There are many myths that are surrounding software testing.
First myth about software testing is that many people think that software testing is nothing but debugging. However software testing aims at uncovering as many errors as possible and reports the same. Also, it finds the strengths and limitations of the system.

Second myth is that many believe software testing is being done to prove that software ‘works’ or to prove that software doesn’t ‘work’! However performing software testing just to evaluate the software to develop the confidence that it works does not suffice good testing. This just demonstrates positive testing. However good testing involves negative testing as well which aims making the software to fail. By doing it it would identify failure modes and also, limitations of the software under consideration. Thus testing shall have proper mix of positive testing and negative testing.

There is a common belief that testing is not the job of a programmer!! Culture in the team and organization is considered to have matured testing practices when every programmer himself will be a tester.
Many say and believe that Software Testing never ends! However strategy based software testing will show the way to perform effective testing by writing few test cases and at the same time guaranteeing software testing which would be done in lesser time and effort.

Another belief and practice seen quite often in many organizations is that software testing starts only after completion of coding. This is not right. Software testing if initiated right form the initial stages of the software development phases not only finds errors but also helps in stopping them to filter into next phases.

It is widely observed and frequently expressed view that software testing is not creative In recent past there is a metamorphosis from tester to test engineer. Because of this the age test engineers are conglomerate of technical, testing. soft skills. No more a tester is considered less creative and also tester is no more an employee with lesser salary.

Many project managers believe that software testing is a barrier in early release. Also, they find an excuse of their laxity of late or non-delivery of software by passing the blame onto software testing. In fact software testing that starts right from initial phases of software development reduces software delivery life cycles to an extent of 15%.

Many development-pros say that careful programming makes Software Testing unnecessary. However program level testing is s small part of testing. Objectives of software testing much beyond proving that program works. Software testing shall find the limitations of the system; recommend good platform for installation; nice integration of software with its surrounding environmental components; benchmarking the software with competitors software; end-user training; identifying constraints of easy installation etc. Good programming though is required, certainly it would not eliminate or reduce the need for software testing.

Many organizations do and believe that software testing is a structured “waterfall” idea. This indicates that testing starts after coding. This is not right. Go testing follows the type and nature of software development. Like development, software testing also can be V model, iterative. Incremental, spiral, evolutionary and so on.
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