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11.13. Deriving Test Cases and Scenarios from Use Cases

Parallel to the software development effort, the software test team can take advantage of the Use Case format by deriving Test Cases and Test Scenarios from them.

Use-case Scenario Testing is a simple yet effective method to find analysis errors at the initial phase of development- that is, analysis. This technique helps to ensure that analysis accurately reflects the aspects of the business that we are modeling. The scenarios so developed are a very good very good start at System Testing and/or User Acceptance Test plan. Steps involved in developing and performing use case scenario testing are:
  • Create the Use Case Scenarios
  • Derive Test Cases from Use Cases
  • Execute Test Cases and report findings in Use Case Testing Worksheet
In the following sections we describe deriving test cases for each Use Case Representation, viz, diagrammatic representation of use cases, and textual representation of use cases. In general, in both representation major steps involved result in Use-case Scenario Testing.
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