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11.4. Benefits of Use Cases

Use cases are of great value to conceptualize the behavior of the system. Following is the list of benefits in using use cases.
  • Use Case is about capturing user requirements
  • Use Case is building model about describing WHAT our system will do at a high-level
  • Use Cases are an informal and imprecise modeling technique
  • Use Cases are used primarily to capture the high level user-functional requirements of a system.
  • Use Cases cannot usefully be used to capture non-functional requirements
  • Use Cases cannot usefully be used to capture "internal" functional requirements
  • The Use Case is important as a unit of requirement definition
  • They can be used to categorize requirements (e.g., state of implementation, shipyard, functional system, etc.)
  • They can be used to rank requirements (e.g., level of importance, risk, level of interoperability, etc.)
  • They can be used to publish requirements at various levels (e.g., detailed design requirements, hanger analysis requirements, document management: document creation requirements, etc.)
  • The Use Case is a unit of estimation and our unit of work. Meanwhile it is important to understand what use cases are “NOT” as listed below.
  • Use Cases are not a functional decomposition model
  • Use Cases are not intended to capture all of the system requirements.
  • Use Cases do not capture HOW the system will do anything - nor do they capture anything the actor does that does not involve the system
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