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12.2. Object-oriented Systems and State-Transition Diagrams

In object oriented software development, a class is the basic unit of semantic abstraction, a component is a closely related collection of classes, and a system is a collection of components designed to solve a problem. An object is an instance of a class. Each object consists of state and behavior, where state is determined by the values of state variables identified in the class definition, and behavior is determined by methods (i.e. functions or procedures), defined in the class, that operate on one or more object instances to read or modify their state variables.

The behavior of a component involves instantiation of objects; and establishing communication among those objects by invocation of methods so as to have proper messaging. Such instantiation and messaging cause changes on the state variables of the object. Thus in object oriented testing, we have to focus on: Unit Testing, Component Testing, System Testing, and Integration Testing.

Unit testing in object oriented system focuses in implementation of methods in class for proper instantiation of objects.

Component testing in object oriented system focuses on behavior of component and it addresses two points. Firstly, it checks whether methods in the component behave as per specified rules, Secondly, messages are being sent properly to external objects.

System testing in object-oriented system checks whether behavior of entire system is as specified by system functional specification.

Integration Testing, which has very crucial role in both component testing and system testing, ensures that messages from objects in one class or component are sent and received in the proper order and have the intended effect on the state of external objects that receive the messages.

All these tests heavily depend on model based testing where in a single class is represented as a finite state machine.
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