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13.1. Overview

Usability is a crucial factor of the overall quality of interactive applications. With every day passing by, the systems are becoming more and more interactive (Eg. Mobile Handsets, Computer/Video Games) and spread of web applications is unabated, the users' point of view on the user interface is becoming very business critical. In such interactive systems and web application, we need to create successful user interfaces, whose quality is primarily evaluated from the point of view of the users. A good design of the user interface results when designers understand people as well as technology. The designers must understand who will be the users of their products, their personal characteristics, their physical capabilities, their goals and the tasks they need to accomplish, the circumstances under which they work. Unfortunately, very little attention has been devoted to the user interface by software engineers, with the unavoidable result that most software systems are very hard to use. The user interface has been considered a detail to be added at the end of the development of the system. This is not possible anymore with interactive systems, for which it is estimated that about 50% of the code is devoted to the user interface. In this chapter, we are discussing on usability, a framework for usability assessment including approaches to usability assessment, the focus of the usability assessment, usability assessment process, usability evaluation methods that include different testing, inspection, and inquiry techniques.
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