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2.2. Meaning of Model and its Use in Problem Solving

A model is a complete abstraction of a system that captures knowledge (semantics) about a problem and solution. An architectural view is an abstraction of a model that organizes knowledge in accordance with guidelines expressing idioms of usage, and diagrams depict knowledge (syntax) for communication. A diagram is a graphical projection of sets of model elements that depict knowledge (syntax) about problems and solutions.

Both in development and testing, models are of great help. A software system is a purposefully organized collection of elements or units. The architecture of a software system entails two dimensions i.e. the structural dimension and behavioral dimension. The structural dimension (also known as the static dimension) involves “what” elements constitute the system and their relationships. The behavioral dimension (also known as the dynamic dimension) involves “how” these elements interact to satisfy the purpose of the software system and provide its functionality or behavior.
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