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4.8. Performance Testing

Performance and capacity testing is critical for any system. The purpose of performance testing is to verify whether the system is able to meet the performance requirements, including number of transaction, on-line and batch processing, throughput and capacity. The emphasis is on verifying satisfaction of performance requirements and to ensure the system can handle stress and "worst case" scenarios. Performance testing, if required by client or user, or sponsor, commences successful completion of system testing and all high priority errors have been addressed.

4.8.1. Performance Test Expectations
Major expectations of performance testing are as mentioned below:
  • Some performance tests may be started as early as Unit Test, depending on the nature of the change, complexity and impacts of the change, and the level of risk. At the very least, this test phase should be executed to ensure no unexpected performance impacts exist.
  • Performance testing is applicable to new system developed and systems under maintenance & operation. In new system developed, at least one round of performance testing shall be executed prior to Acceptance Testing. In maintenance & operation projects, performance testing shall be done when:
    • Many changes have been incorporated
    • Hardware or software has been changed that is quite different than recommended
    • The system that is grown is required to be monitored
  • Performance shall be carried out using a representative mix of different types of business cases, including normal, error and unlikely cases.
  • Performance testing may need specifically prepared test data and may need automated testing tools
  • Monitoring of performance like network availability, network performance under varying conditions like bandwidth

4.8.2. Performance Test Considerations
Typical performance tests include:
  • System availability
  • Response time
  • Throughput and capacity
  • Number of concurrent users
  • On-line data entry
  • Batch processing periods and batch window compliance
  • System behavior for voluminous data
  • Benchmarking of performance under varying platforms- heterogeneous, similar, identical
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