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9.2. Purpose of Requirements-based Testing

Requirements-based Test cases tell us something about the presence or absence of classes of errors, rather than an error associated only with the specific test at hand. The purpose of Requirements-based Testing is to:
  • Functional Validity of the System to find incorrect or missing functions,
  • Sensitivity of the system
  • Tolerance of the system
  • Operability of the system
  • Interface errors
  • Errors in database structures or its access
  • Performance errors
  • Initialization and termination errors

This is a complementary approach that is likely to uncover a different class of errors in addition to those reported by code-based approach.

To achieve this, the test engineer can derive test cases to cover: positive testing; negative testing; and scenario testing.

Positive testing involves identifying test cases in order to prove that system works. In positive testing, test cases are written aiming at proving that system works under defined normal conditions.

In negative testing, test cases are to be designed in order to understand how the system responds to exceptional situations which aim at testing the system in order to fail the system. Accordingly, test cases in negative testing cover areas that fall outside the expected normal conditions.

Scenario testing is end-to-end testing of any well-defined, self-contained business transactions. Scenario testing, in fact, has to cover both positive and negative test cases covering the whole business task from start and end.

In addition, User Interfaces (UI) also can be tested, typically with the help of User Interface checklist. In the following sections, we discuss in detail about each type of Requirements-based Test Design techniques.
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