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1.2 Software Structure and Software Testing
Software is a system with a well defined structure at different levels.

Fig.1.1 Software and its Structure
At the highest level, software is a system that operates on a given inputs, processes and transforms these inputs into outputs. While doing these activities it has to interface with many internal and external components.
In the next level, software consists of components. To produce results, components have to interface with each other. Building software in a modular way is dictated by structured programming concepts that emphasize functional decomposition.
Each component is made up of units that work together to produce results. This requires appropriate parameter passing amongst them.
Each unit is made up of programs. Programs in turn consist of statements. Statement has variable and expression. Expressions involve data types and operators.
In addition to this, across its development life cycles, software follows processes and also produces documents.
Thus, software product is the complete set, or any of the individual items of the set of computer programs, procedures, and associated documentation and data designated for delivery to a customer or end user. The effectiveness of a computer application in a business environment is determined by how well that application fits in to the environment in which it operates, Usually such an environment is composed of: Data, People, Structure, and Rules and Standards.
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