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3.4 Consequences of Bugs
Software systems are part of our daily life. Each of these software systems is a collection of computer programs, procedures, and possibly associated documentation and data pertaining to the operation of a computer system. Many a times these software systems do not work as expected. When this happens we say that the software is buggy. These bugs in software systems and system occur because of many reasons. Some of these bugs might have occurred because of human mistakes, that is, humans involved in software development are fallible. Other bugs might have been caused because of bad assumptions made during software development. Software systems that do not work as per expectations carry some level of risk and have a varying impact. When a risk occurs it may cause trivial issues or can be costly or damaging like loss of money, time or business credibility, loss of life. Software testing tries to uncover as many mistakes as possible so that customers and users shall not face problems because of existing mistakes in software, post release debugging which is very expensive can be reduced, stake holders get appropriate information to make decisions about software quality and release, and to help the stake holders with the risks of the products.
During testing and reviews, as many bugs as possible shall be detected so as to reduce the impact of such bugs. However it is not practically possible to detect and to address all these bugs. Thus we need some criteria to prioritise and address these bugs. This requires an understanding on the importance of bugs and their consequences on the software.
  • The Importance of Bugs
  • The Implications of Bugs- Consequences
  • Flexible Severity Vs. Absoluteness
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