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9.1 Overview

Any software programming involves specification of process and data. Process part of programming is purpose ful combination of arithmetic and logic. While arithmetic part of programming is simple and straight forward, logic part of it is not only the heart of the programming but also the most complex part of it. It is very crucial to test for correctness and completeness of such logic. Thus, it is very crucial to adopt and use right methods and techniques to specify logic in order to design programs and also, test them by designing appropriate test cases. Logic based testing addresses this very point.

Logic based testing can be performed on structure of the program and also, on a specification. Logic based testing is structural testing when applied to structure and it is functional testing when it is applied to a specification.

While selecting logic based testing methods and techniques, it is very crucial to address two important aspects: firstly, use appropriate technique to represent the functional requirements of the software which is a basis for design of programs and also, test cases; and secondly, analyze for consistency and completeness of such representations.

In this chapter, we discuss on decision tables that are traditionally used to represent the functional requirements of the software which is a basis to design programs. We further illustrate with examples on using the very decision tables to design test cases for functional testing and also, structural testing.

We, also, discuss on use of Boolean algebra as a basis for analyzing consistency and completeness; and also, as a basis for test design for simple logic. However as the logic becomes complex, we need a technique like Karnaugh-Veitch (KV) charts. We discuss on KV charts and their use in logic based testing.
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